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This an advanced IP based perimeter Intrusion Detector which has combination of  Magnetic, Thermal and Vibration. Transducers are fully encapsulated in one piece and is water proof (IP67 standard). The Detector is pre-assembled in 3m/10ft intervals. Installation of the Z-MTV multi directional sensor cable is very fast, simple and does not require any special equipment. Ready to mount into any new or existing type of perimeter fence: wire, chain link, welded mesh or razor-type coil. The detector can detect any vibration on the fence which is caused by humans/ animals coming in contact with the fence. The detector can also give indication of any fire being lit inadvertently or advertently near the fence causing the temp to raise. The detector can also be used on gates and doors to indicate when they are opened for which the magnetic sensors are used. They can also be used to monitor the guards who are suppose to regularly patrol the area by giving them smart patrol sticks which are detected by the detector as patrol when they come in contact. The Z-MTV is closely integrated with i-Avatu Command control application which triggers any IP based PTZ cameras to cue to location of detection and analyse whether the intrusion is false or actual one. The application is also integrated with many other sensors and systems to activate based on input from Z-MTV. For example if a fire is detected by Z-MTV, the fire retardant can be activated to dose the fire.

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